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Charles has practiced employment and housing law for nearly twenty years. Prior to entering the practice, Swain was a high school English teacher. He taught in the Los Angeles Unified School District for four years. He was a working television and film actor prior to and during his teaching career. Swain earned a Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Alabama, studying Journalism and English. He was a member of the Crimson Tide football team and was awarded a varsity letter for the 1989 season. Swain studied law at the University of La Verne (CA) graduating with a Juris Doctorate degree. Swain is admitted to practice in the State of California and the Federal Bar of the Central District of California. 


of Counsel

After earning his Juris Doctor degree, Geoff decided to rejoin his law school classmate by taking an administrative position at Swain Law Firm. He commenced to support the attorney on a litany of cases that were primarily focused on Civil Rights via employment/labor law, housing law, medical negligence and personal injury claims. Geoff’s work would become integral to the successful and swift resolution of these cases. 

In addition to his arduous duties at the law firm, Geoff is also a Certified National Basketball Association (NBA) Player Agent. Geoff has worked with professional basketball players regarding marketing strategies, contract negotiations and branding. Geoff actually played professional basketball throughout Russia and Europe for a couple of seasons thus giving Geoff great insight on how to deal with these athletes from both perspectives: as a player and as a professional. He always emphasizes that the old mantra when in contract negotiations, “A fair exchange is never a robbery.”

Geoff also owns and operates his production company, Sivad Films, Inc. This company has produced numerous entertainment projects that are feature films and short films like “Team Player” and “The Marrying Kind” and projects for television such as “The Group Home” and “Judge Geoff”- which aired on numerous television stations throughout the country. All of these projects were written, directed and produced by Geoff with an assortment of more projects on the way. He also authored a book, “The 10 Step Guide to Hollywood” detailing the rigorous and most productive methods on how to operate in Hollywood as a new talent. 

Philanthropy is a huge part of Geoff’s professional endeavors. Geoff consistently indulges in speaking, teaching, guiding and mentoring youth and young adults regarding the multitude of issues that are challenging them daily. He is a firm believer that is our responsibility to aid in building our community and ensuring it’s progression via knowledge of self, education, asserting positive energy, meditation, good health, plant based diet and physical fitness. Geoff teaches that our affirmative lifestyle should be exemplary to those all around us. Geoff often elocutes, “Notwithstanding the many external forces that affects us, we all should exude plenary power over our lives.”

Geoff contends that time is your only irreplaceable asset in this life thus the management of said time is your responsibility and no one else’s; be careful with whom you decide to give or share your time with. Geoff teaches that we should all live in peace and boldly press towards our goals. 


Being such a busy person with his work at the law firm, sports agency, entertainment and philanthropy, the question that is most often prompted is “how does he do it all of this?” Geoff adamantly professes, “The reason why I stand so tall is directly due to me deciding to stand on the mighty shoulders of my royal ancestors!” Geoff currently resides in Los Angeles, CA. 


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