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If you are facing eviction or living in subatandard housing

When LA Housing Department or Building & Safety deems your apartment to be an illegal dwelling, it is because it was built without permits and the landlord has done nothing to bring it into compliance with Building Codes, while collecting rent from you.

   Under Los Angeles Rent Control law, landlords can be made to provide financial relocation assistance to tenants and refund you the rent going back up to four years.

   If your rental is located in the city of Los Angeles and was built before October 1, 1978, its covered by the Rent Control Law.                                                                    

    If your apartment is roach infested, has bed bugs, mold, or one or more of a variety of other issues, and you told the landlord of the problem but the landlord has not fixed it, you are entitled to a partial refund of rent that you paid him from a date after that you told him about the problem, plus additional money damages. Depending on what your rental agreement says, the landlord may have to pay your legal bills for going to court too.


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