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Practice areas are Labor & Employment, Housing, and Personal Injury.



Labor & Employment 


Personal Injury



Our experience, compassion and sensibility to our client's legal issues helps us provide our clients with quality representation.


Swain Law Firm prides itself on our consistent communication with our clients and detailed attention to their legal matters. We answer and return calls consistently. When necessary, we will come to you to discuss your legal matter.


Labor & employment, housing and personal injury are this firm's primary practice. Labor and employment includes wage theft, employer's failure to provide employees with rest periods and meal breaks, failure to pay overtime, inter alia. Housing includes habitability complaints for substandard housing, landlord-tenant disputes and enforcing tenant's rights to financial relocation assistance. This also may include defending tenants in eviction or unlawful detainer actions. We provide consultation and full service litigation in each of our practice areas. 

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